Field Methods (formerly Cultural Anthropology Methods)
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Field Methods
Published by
Sage Publications
H. Russell Bernard, editor

The indispensable tool for scholars, students and professionals who do fieldwork

  • Important refereed articles
  • Descriptions of methological advances
  • Advice on the use of specific field techniques
  • Help with both qualitative and quantitative methods
  • Essays and think pieces
  • Book and software reviews -- all the tools necessary for those who conduct fieldwork

Field Methods, a refereed journal, publishes articles on methods for studying human thought and human behavior. Research articles show the development of new methods or new uses for existing methods. The Short Takes section contains articles with handy tips for working in the field. Field Methods also publishes reviews of books and software, and think pieces addressing key theoretical issues.

Field Methods began in 1989 as CAM, the Cultural Anthropology Methods journal. A decade later, CAM joined the list of journals published by Sage Publications and, in recognition of the truly interdisciplinary nature of the subject matter, changed its name to Field Methods journal.

Field Methods remains under the editorship of H. Russell Bernard. Articles examine data collection techniques and modes of analysis, the link between method and theory, and the impact of new technology on traditional field research activities. Embracing both qualitative and quantitative methods in scientific and interpretive paradigms, the journal operates under the motto "methods belong to all of us."

Field Methods is not only for researchers in the social sciences and the humanities, but is also for professionals in the delivery of social services, in government, and in the private sector who use field research to acquire knowledge.


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